CASA is registered to provide Coordination of Supports for NDIS Participants (under 65 years of age)  

CASA can provide NDIS support to all participants and assist participants with any product, services and modification to their homes.

NDIS Registered Provider

The best benefit of using CASA NDIS Service is having a personalised Service. It becomes a new way of life for Participants to ensure their life is improved.

CASA offers the flexibility Participants need to live their life. Participants will appreciate direct contact, it is very empowering.

Social Support Services from CASA NDIS Service helps Participants maintain an active social life have someone visit their home or by arranging visits and outing in the Community.

You will have an individualized care plan tailored to your needs. Not only does CASA support you with activities we can also help you find a place where you are supported and consecutively prevent loneliness and isolation.


Our Social Support Services include visits to your home, assistance with your shopping and any other personal needs. CASA’s Home Care Service will help you to access support groups and recreational activities. CASA understands your needs and help you find local services to address your individual needs if the service you require is not available within our service.

Having good social connections are essential for all aspects of your health and provides you with the confidence to meet new people. CASA has many programs within the Organisation that you will be able to access based on your interests and values. CASA will be your support so you can build friendships and live independently in your Community.

CASA has an individualized support service with a non - traditional approach to home and social support specifically tailored to the Participants personal interest, hobbies and health goals. One size does not fit all and our trained staff is fully trained and ready to assist you to achieve the lifestyle you require.

CASA is also registered to provide:

  • Assist-Life stage, Transition

  • Household Tasks

  • Home Modifications

  • Development – Life skills

  • Participation in community

  • Plan Management