Another year, another AGM

We would like to thank our Management Committee for their ongoing commitment to CASA. These dedicated individuals volunteer their time in support of CASA’s vision to have functioning households, stable families and individuals in sustainable and affordable housing. This year we have had no change to our Management Committee membership. We wish to congratulate Onno, Robert, Barbara, Jane, Caitlin and Karlee for their successful nominations and ongoing appointments.

2021 has been an interesting year for CASA and, indeed the world, with a continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that it has brought for all of us personally and professionally. CASA has been required to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and the needs of the community which has at times been very demanding. We look forward to the next 12 months with the strategic guidance and oversight of the Management Committee.

We are also grateful to our Guest Speaker, Karen, Queensland Microfinance Manager for Good Shepherd Australia/New Zealand. Good Shepherd is a not-for-profit organisation that offers no and low interest loans (NILS) to people on low incomes, especially women, to enable them to bounce back from hardship. NILS is an amazing social initiative and we are proud to be able to offer NILS as part of our diverse range of community programs.

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