Furry Friends

The team at CASA are huge animal lovers and know the joy and unconditional love they can bring to our lives 🐾🐱 They provide companionship and affection. They make us feel safe, keep us warm, listen without judgement, provide comfort when we need it and a friendship like no other.

CASA provides outreach support and emergency relief for people in crisis including people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. This support often includes food assistance so its amazing that we are now able to extend this support to our client’s furry family friends.

This is all thanks to Sherry-Lee and her daughter AJ. They are both passionate about keeping families and pets together especially for people who may be experiencing homelessness. They have not only collected donations from family and friends but they have also generously donated a huge amount of cat and dog food plus some other pet accessories to CASA🐾🐱

If you are in crisis, CASA is here to assist and we can now provide for your furry best mate. Thank you Sheery-Lee and AJ!

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