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home modifications

This service provides assistance with the organisation and cost of simple home modifications and, where clinically justified, more complex modifications.  

Home modifications provide changes to your home that may include structural changes to increase or maintain your functional independence so that you can continue to live and move safely about your home.  

Some examples of home modifications could include: 

  • Grab rails in shower 

  • Ramps (permanent and temporary)

  • Step modifications 

  • Access and egress pathways through your property 

  • Appropriate lever tap sets or lever door handles 

  • Internal and external hand rails next to steps 

  • Installation and fitting of smoke alarms, Keysafes and Hand Held Shower Heads 

In some clinically justified circumstances, home modifications could also include: 

Bathroom Redesign

This would include modifications such as lowering or removal of shower hobs and changes to the design layout to improve accessibility. 

Kitchen Redesign

This would include modifications such as lowering of kitchen benches, changes to the design layout to improve accessibility

Widening Doorways & Passages

This would allow for easy wheelchair access. 

You are eligible for this service if you receive a part or full Aged Pension or Disability Support Pension.   


Usually you would pay for the cost of the materials and the program will pay for the installation.  For larger projects (e.g. bathroom modifications) you will be required to pay for half the cost of the project.  Our consultants will discuss the costs of the project with you before the project begins.  

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