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homeless expo 2024
stall holder


Please complete the form to apply for a site at the expo.

With the change of venue we are fortunate to have more space and room to move.

** ALL display banners, gazebo's, signage etc must be secured by solid foot supports. No tent pegs or similar allowed.

Please make direct contact if you;

** Require a larger area than the standard size of 1 gazebo.

** If you are having any other type of display such as clothes, books, blankets, food etc - Please advise to allow additional space.

** Power will be limited and pre-allocated. If you require electricity (even if bringing your own source) please advise for area allocation.

We will be requesting all sites to be set up prior to 9am to allow vendors an hour to network.

Do you have your own equipment?
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Thanks for submitting!

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